About Me

As I gazed across the Himalayan landscape, I thought, “This is the best tea I’ve ever had.” Just like drinking tea in India, many of of my travels can be defined by what I was looking at and what I was drinking. In Paris, it was an expresso as I watched people walk by from a cafe table on the street. In Capri, I drank limoncello as I admired the buildings along the mountainside that appear to be practically stacked on top of each other. In Costa Rica, I had fresh papaya juice as I watched surfers paddle out and catch waves back in. Every place has it’s unique sites and beverages. It’s these places and food and people and smells that have shaped who I am.

In addition to traveling, I enjoy spending time with my husband and dog. I have a variety of hobbies, so it wouldn’t be odd to find me using a camera, knitting needles, or a pair of roller skates (but rarely all three at once). I am passionate about graphic design, so if you want to talk great typography, creative websites, or design-related podcasts, I’m your gal.


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